Carmen's Transformation Challenge

Need a good butt kicking? Carmen's challenges are designed to whip anyone into gear and get the ball rolling, no matter where you're starting. Carmen regularly holds challenges which cater for the 'normal' people of world (people with kids, partners, a career and social engagements). It's not always easy to find the time or the motivation to join a gym and be truly committed. Well if this is you, consider taking part in one of Carmen's challenges, it will be the best thing you ever do!


This challenge is a tool for people who have goals they want to achieve, yet are struggling to achieve them on their own. If you want to “lose a few kilos” (or a lot), this is just what you need. 

You'll receive a copy of our challenge book, filled with information to help you achieve your goals. It contains a plethora of healthy (family friendly) recipes, an eating plan and an exercise plan, both of which are completely flexible, so whether you have injuries or ailments or specific dietary requirements or restrictions, everything can be modified to suit. All the exercises can be done from anywhere around the globe, with no equipment required.


You'll have access to our YouTube channel which has demonstrations of all of the exercises, as well as our private Facebook group, which is a great support group, a great place to make friends, whinge together and celebrate together.


No matter fit or unfit you think you are, you CAN participate in this challenge. We keep our group sessions small and intimate, so they’re fun and interactive and you will NEVER be made to feel uncomfortable, unfit or out of place. Every session is planned to cater for both someone who is super fit and strong, AND for someone who is a complete beginner. They’re all station based (think, circuit style training), so you can push as hard as YOU are able to. Everybody has to start somewhere! If you have a look through any of our photos on our social media pages, you’ll see people just like you. People of all ages, shapes & sizes.

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